Alco pops enforcing a ban for

The bans are the first to be imposed under new rules designed to stop drinks firms using television to target under-age drinkers. The ban has been imposed by the Advertising Standards Authority ASA however it comes after the commercials were viewed by many thousands of youngsters.

Alco pops enforcing a ban for

What can be done about binge-drinking? Mr Blair warned the drinks industry that they may have to contribute to the increasing costs of policing drunken behaviour. Do you think the UK has a binge-drinking culture? Do you live in an area that suffers the effects of binge-drinking?

Alco pops enforcing a ban for

What should be done to tackle the problem? The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far. This debate is now closed.

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Read your comments below. It's not new, it Alco pops enforcing a ban for always happened the maxim used to be 'work hard play hard' - what is new is the level of violence and social unrest that goes with it.

It is my firm belief that this is caused by eradication of any form of discipline during a child's upbringing. Oh, and while you're at it abolish student discounts for booze then they can concentrate on their studies and make a fair contribution to alcohol duty for a change.

Howard, UK Drinking should be just another normal part of living Louise, Sydney, Australia Countries like Italy and Australia don't have big drinking problems because we learn to drink in moderation at an early age. Leave the pubs open all night, have a glass of wine with a meal, let you kids have the occasional glass of wine with the family.

Drinking should be just another normal part of living. Louise, Sydney, Australia Leave the system alone, open the bars 24 hours and when someone misbehaves take appropriate action - a police caution is not enough, let the courts fine them a reasonable amount.

David, Croydon Surrey I'm not from the UK but I'm married to an Englishman and he swears that binge drinking is just in the blood, it's been going on for ages. My husband said he first drank at 9 years old he's now 33 but stopped drinking at 26 and his parents thought it was just a rite of passage and in his family they also got the dog drunk on a regular basis just for fun.

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We aren't against drinking, although neither of us drink now, but feel that the youth in the UK need to at least be informed of what binge drinking can do to you health-wise scoliosis of the liver, etc and also socially if you become an alcoholic likely to be jobless, homeless, etc.

You could at least equal out the drinking image a bit, for every image of having fun being drunk that is out there you should show someone suffering from it as well. Even in the soaps we are shown constantly that drinking is central to British society and culture.

Perhaps events in the Rover's Return, the Queen Vic and other soap pubs could be used to address the issues - unless of course the 'new British disease' is no more real than they are.

It's sounds like the beginning of a movement to ban drinking, it always starts like this. If the government is going to ban everything that may possibly harm you.

Why not ban sex - you could catch AIDS and die, lets ban candy- it may make you fat and you could die. Sunday opening hours should be extended for a start to 11pm! Zoe, England Stop binge drinking by removing artificial constraints and abolish licensing hours.

Here in Germany, we can drink until 5am, and there is no binge drinking. At least Britain is not over-crowded with alcohol probationary rules and restrictions like here in the USA! Sahil Kumar, Minneapolis, MN I think the drinks industry pays more than its fair share of contributions to the exchequer.

With all that cash - they fund police, hospitals, education and the likes. Lets not forget who gets the lions share of money on alcohol and cigarettes. Mr Blair is nothing short of a cheat and a scoundrel who is hell-bent on taxing us all to death.

Jasons, Iraq If alcohol wasn't publicised as the centre of an adult's world, binge-drinking would disappear Miranda, Chelmsford, UK There is certainly a culture of drinking as much as possible in the UK, and it doesn't start at 18 - the average age in my peer group for the first time being drunk is Teenagers are desperate to be seen as cool, whether to fit in, pull or whatever - perhaps if alcohol wasn't publicised as the centre of an adult's world, binge-drinking would disappear in a decade.

Miranda, Chelmsford, UK The solution is easy. Introduce a blanket ban on all drinking in public places. That way those who want to drink in a smoke free environment and those who like to smoke whilst having a drink can happily do so at home.

I can drink a small bottle of vodka getting reading be in a club for When I'm there I stake my pitch for the evening, drink 12 bottles of alcopops, get very drunk and dance my heart out.

Mar 12,  · Best Answer: The only way to control alcohol consumption by underage people is to more strictly enforce the licensing laws and raise the legal age limit to Raising prices affects everyone. Clamp down on pubs, clubs, shops, etc selling booze to Status: Resolved. 10 days ago · The proposal will also ban the sale of menthol cigarettes. The FDA is also looking at further laws to entirely ban flavored products (end of the article). Its not just about restricting where and how these things can be sold (that part I am fine with). 5 days ago · Judge bars US from enforcing Trump asylum ban. which quickly sued after President Donald Trump issued the ban this month in response to the .

I stumble home about 3: Then I'm back to work on Monday. I'm 28 with no kids or husband, I pay my bills and I work hard. Where is the harm in that?

Joanne Pope, Plymouth, UK I used to worry about the increase in binge drinking across the country, but I've noticed that after a few pints, I stop being so concerned.The Portman Group, the alcohol policy institute sponsored by the drinks industry which published the code, has called for a ban on any marketing that would appeal specifically to the unders.

5 days ago · SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The Latest on the Trump administration's ban on asylum for anyone who illegally crosses the U.S.-Mexico border (all times local): p.m. A . Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Sep 09,  · Meanwhile, the move to ban alcopops was gathering pace as the Co-Operative Retail Trading Group removed all alcopop brands from their 1, shops shelves.

Branded spirit pre-mixes were not affected. However, the decision to delist the products was seen by some as a clever publicity stunt. Alcohol Justice fights to protect the public from the impact of the alcohol industry’s negative practices by monitoring and exposing their harmful actions related to products, promotions and social influence.

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