An overview of the balkans

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An overview of the balkans

It is a truly unique region where ghastly historical remnants greet you at every corner, where the European Union is often a faraway concept, and where a large part of the population still struggles to eke out a meagre income.

It is however also a region with awe-inspiring natural beauty, immeasurable cultural wealth, and boundless hospitality.

An overview of the balkans

The Balkans are often perceived as a homogenous entity but the countries are in fact very different. On that basis, this article will give you a brief introduction about all of the former-Yugoslav republics in order to determine which country will suit you best as a traveller.

Map by Peter Fitzgerald, Wikimedia Commons Slovenia Slovenia was the least damaged country during the 90s War and people often fail to realise that this diminutive state was actually part of Yugoslavia. The small nation in fact only witnessed 10 days of war and its historical sights and residential areas therefore remained unharmed.

In addition to that, Slovenia was the first formerly communist state to join the Eurozone History aside, Slovenia will suit travellers who are mostly interested in nature and historical locations.

The capital city of Ljubljana is a small, charming, and underrated city which is definitely worth a visit despite being less stimulating than Belgrade or Sarajevo. The capital city is beautiful albeit a bit sleepy and the people are hospitable and open minded.

The infrastructure is very good and the prices are relatively low, although higher than in some other Balkan countries. All in all, Slovenia is a great place to visit if you like the combination of nature, history, culture, and authenticity.

If you merely seek a soothing relaxation on the beach, you should move on to the most popular Balkan nation, Croatia. Croatia Croatia is by far the most visited and most promoted Balkan nation. The country has always been a summer hotspot thanks to its innumerable beach resorts, its alluring historical locations, and its variety of unique natural sights.

Since its accession to the European Union in and the advent of low-cost airlines, Croatia has witnessed an unprecedented surge of tourists from every age, category, and nationality. So, what do we make of all of this?


Croatia is on the one hand touristy and not very authentic. It is however also one of the most astonishingly beautiful and exhilarating summer destinations in all of Europe. You will find pristine stone and sand beaches, gorgeous seaside cliffs, diverse terrains, and also the one-of-a-kind set of colourful lakes and waterfalls in Plitvice National Park.

Croatia moreover has some of the best nightlife in all of Europe, especially in the summer party havens of Zrce, Umag, Split, Makarska, and Hvar. Croatia has embraced party tourism like no other Balkan nation and the quality and fame of its party temples have earned it the nickname partynatia.The First Balkan War was fought between the members of the Balkan League—Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Montenegro—and the Ottoman Empire.

The Balkan League was formed under Russian auspices in the spring of to take Macedonia away from Turkey, which was already involved in a war with Italy. Overview of the Balkans:: Links There aren't many websites specifically about the Balkans, so most of the sites listed below are useful for planning travel in Europe generally.

Of all the sites in this list, the Thorntree deserves a special mention, as Balkanology would be a lot smaller without it.

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Overview of the Balkans:: Books Travel Guides Choosing a guidebook. Coverage of the Balkan region by guidebooks is patchy.

Greece and Turkey have been popular with western visitors for so long that a bewildering variety of guidebooks is available and Croatia and Slovenia are not far behind.

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An overview of the balkans

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