Animal testing right or wrong

The Environment Should animals be used for scientific research?

Animal testing right or wrong

May 15, Animal testing is a very controversial and debatable topic, but what do we really know about it, and how do we really feel about its usage? It could save human lives.

Animal Testing: Right or Wrong?

But is that really true? There are huge differences between humans and the animals that the products are tested on. So, the use of animals for AIDS medications has been useless.

Even though these differences do exist, there have been significant research benefits from using animal testing in the past. What makes the usage of animals for cosmetic purposes ethical, though?

Would getting some new mascara on the market really be that important? It seems that there are some good reasons why animal testing could be used, right?

However, there are also very sufficient alternatives to animal testing, believe it or not. One is in-vitro testing. People volunteer cell samples, and scientists make growth cultures from the samples. Products could be tested on that. There are also computer models that can predict the way in which the human body would react to a certain product.

For my Social Science Research class this year, my group did a project on whether or not people thought animal testing was ethical. When surveyed, a little over half of the participants thought that animal testing for medical purposes was ethical. The interesting part about the collected data was the fact that the percentage of people who thought that animal testing should be allowed for either purpose was higher than the percentage of people who thought that animal testing for either purpose was ethical.

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Clearly, people believe that animal testing should be allowed despite the questionable morals surrounding it. If someone close to you is sick and needs a medicine that has been tested on animals, it becomes more personal and causes people to value the testing to a greater extent.

I have two dogs and a cat. I cannot imagine purposefully doing anything to the three of them that would hurt them.

Animal testing right or wrong

The trust and love that they give to me is something that I cannot betray. I cannot justify hurting an animal, even a lab rat, for something a trivial as a face cream. My resolve does become shakier, though, when I think about research for a cancer medicine."Animal testing is wrong for beauty products, but somewhat right if it will help to test medicine that could save people's lives." Alice, 14, Worcestershire, England "It's not right to test on animals.

Mar 22,  · Animal testing is completely and utterly wrong! People should not do the horrid things they do to poor, inocent animals!

Animal testing right or wrong

In my opinion, anyone who tests anything on animals is a Status: Resolved. Learn about the modern animal rights movement and how it has influenced the debate over animal testing in science and industry. Animal Rights and the Ethics of Testing. Search the site GO.

Issues. Animal Rights Basics Pigs Pork and Animal Rights - What is Wrong with Eating Pork. Animal Testing Is Wrong Words | 6 Pages. Harmful Testing on Animals is Wrong In American society, many groups and organizations are debating whether or not animal testing should be banned.

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Oct 14,  · The debate as to whether animal testing is acceptable or not has been debated greatly by agencies within the psychological, scientific and ethical communities. What i want to hone in on today is whether it's ethical to use animals in research, and if .

Transcript of Animal Testing: Right or Wrong? By Genevueve and Victoria Postive Aspects Negative Aspects Discussion!!! Question 1 Do you think high school and college biology classes who are doing dissections on animals are considered animal cruelty?

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