Exner s writing area picture

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Exner s writing area picture

Old people are not good with technology! Kathy asked her to share this update with the website. Kathy and Honey were neighbors back in our high school days.

Hi Honey, Just checked our school website and so many are gone. Just wanted to give you an update on my family.

This May our last grandson graduated from high school. Our oldest grandson Taylor was married in January and will be a father in September. We will be great grandparents. We also had two other graduations in May: The last granddaughter Sara is at college in Arizona State studying to be a C.

Hi to Mom she looks great. June 21 Kevin Kinnally died at his daughter's home after a long illness. We will be moving him to the gone but not forgotten page. Congratulations to Lou Chanin on his retirement.

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It's sad that he's leaving my neck of the woods, but I know he'll be happy in a place he can golf for most of the year. Hi Marcy -- Thanks for all the good wishes. I retired last Wednesday after 50 years.

exner s writing area picture

We are moving to our Myrtle Beach home the end of next week and we are in the mist of the fun "The Packing" and all that goes with moving. I have a 20 yard dumpster in the driveway and it is full! Using my cell phone.

We have been reaching out by phone to classmates whose emails are no longer working. Honey left a message on Terry's phone in February to call her back, but she got no reply.

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Terry's brother is cleaning out the house and just played the message machine. He was nice enough to call Honey and tell her the news. He will email her the obit. In the meantime we will move him to the Gone But Not Forgotten page. We welcome any memories of Terry that you would like to share.

I remember Terry as a wonderful gal with a great personality and very smart. We sat next to each other in Mr. What a great way to start the day!

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And, hope you did not get toomuch of that snow that seems to have blanketed the northeast this week. Can you believe we were 89 degrees here yesterday?

Janet moved last week to a senior community apt complex and told her I would send you her new address: Plus, meals are now provided so no more cooking for her, unless she wants to, of course.

I am rather jealous!!!! I'm over the cooking thing and housework too!!!! Hope you are doing OK. It usually provides us with several much needed updates.Thus, Exner's writing area appears to program the ajacent hand-area represented in the primary motor areas so that lingusitic impulses received through Broca's area, can be integrated into hand movements so that words can be written down.

to read: the brain’s universal reading and writing network Charles A. Perfetti1,2 and Li-Hai Tan1,2 (Exner’s area) is a left frontal pre-motor area that is involved in handwriting.

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However, for Exner's area, a strong difference in lateralisation was seen (t (7)= − p. I received the note below from Larry Carballo.

Sigmund Exner - Wikipedia Paul Niedermeyer — December 4, The fact that the downsized and unusually-styled Plymouth and Dodge were a blunder is indisputable, in terms of their failure on the market.

I gave him Gino’s phone number and I’m waiting back to hear from Gino’s brother about what’s going on in California.

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