Floor cleaning business plan

Or you need a sample floor cleaning service business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on. There are several options for entrepreneurs who intend starting a commercial business and one of such options is to become a specialist in floor cleaning. Although, most commercial cleaning agencies are into general cleaning, but there are instances where specialists are called in to help in cleaning the floor especially if the stain or dirt on the floor are resistance to normal cleaning process.

Floor cleaning business plan

When you start a floor care subcontracting business, you act as your own boss, but you don't seek customers directly.

Instead, you develop business relationships with contractors who have residential and commercial customers in need of floor care. These contractors sell floor care services to their customers and then hire you to do the work, paying you a portion of the money they collect.

If you maintain relationships with a few successful contractors at a time, you can secure enough work to stay busy all year long. Obtain experience in floor care before you start out in this business. Maintaining your own floors at home differs greatly from caring for a paying customer's floors, and customers will likely hold you to higher standards.

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Working for a floor company for several months to a year will help you gain the type of know-how your customers will expect. Make a list of the floor care services you plan to offer. For example, you may offer to clean, pressure wash, wax and buff flooring.

For poorly maintained floors, you may also offer a sanding and refinishing service. Since many residents and business owners own carpets in addition to regular flooring, you may increase your profit potential by adding carpet cleaning to your list of services.

Starting a Floor Cleaning Service – Sample Business Plan Template

Prepare a business plan that includes your projected start-up costs and plans for operating your business on a daily basis. Detail how you will fund your business until you begin to earn a profit, as well as how you will connect with contractors who can hire you for jobs.

Seek business licensing for your business, as required in your jurisdiction. Usually, the department of licensing and inspections, or a similar agency, provides business licensing applications and information. In Houston, Texas, for example, you can contact the One Stop Business Center for a getting started package that includes licensing information.

Meet with a business insurance agent to purchase liability insurance for your business.


This type of insurance pays claims in the event that you accidentally damage flooring or other property while conducting your business. It can also pay personal injury claims. Buy the equipment you will need to care for a variety of floor types.

Start with mops and commercial-sized buckets, brooms, industrial vacuums, pressure washers, refinishing machine, buffers, sanders and carpet cleaners.

Floor cleaning business is all about cleaning, polishing and maintaining various types of floors and flooring elements; floors such as tiles, terrazzo, carpets and wooden floor et al. Your core business is to ensure that the floor is as clean as it ought to be; it goes beyond general cleaning. An office cleaning business, janitorial, or carpet cleaning service can be extremely profitable. It can be started part-time as a home-based business and built at your own pace. There are several critical steps you will need to master. Or do you plan to operate the business form your home? other people, or keeping the floor cleaned for the majority of the buildings you will be working in, having a cleaning business may just be your ticket to business success. And since this type cleaning business to look, I thought about all the people I knew.

You will also need chemicals for sanitizing and waxing floors and a van to carry it all in. Buy or rent an office for your floor care business, or set up shop in your home. You will need such basics as a desk, fling cabinet, computer, printer, fax and business phone.

You probably won't need a reception area for clients, as most contractors will want you to travel to them. Create a plan to land subcontracting jobs.

Purchase mailing lists or use local phone directories and newspaper ads to locate contractors in your business area, and then contact them to introduce yourself and explain the services you offer.

A Sample Cleaning Service Business Plan Template

Set up appointments to meet with them in person and pitch your services. Send direct mail advertisements to those with whom you cannot meet right away. Join contractor and subcontractor organizations and use them to network and find subcontracting opportunities.

If the rules of these organizations allow it, send direct mail advertisements to contractors who offer floor care services. Some of these organizations also offer work opportunity listings.While a business in the cleaning industry may not offer a lot of glamor, it does have advantages.

Cleaning services are always in demand. That makes a floor buffing business a good candidate for a successful cleaning business.

How to Start a Cleaning Business: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Decide which kind of customer you plan to offer your floor buffing services to. Will you target residential. How To Start A Commercial Cleaning Business January 20, By Mike Gomez With 77 billion square feet of commercial floor space in the United States, the profit potential in the commercial cleaning industry is huge.

Do you want to start a floor cleaning company from scratch? Or you need a sample floor cleaning service business plan template?

floor cleaning business plan

If YES, then i advice you read on. Click and learn about our commercial floor cleaning services from ServiceMaster Clean. Discover the many benefits we offer today. Change Location. Franchise Opportunities Put our deep knowledge to work for your home or business.

See how we can meet your needs, budget and schedule. GET A QUOTE. GET IN TOUCH. An office cleaning business, janitorial, or carpet cleaning service can be extremely profitable. It can be started part-time as a home-based business and built at your own pace.

There are several critical steps you will need to master. Mother's House Cleaning Service cleaning service business plan executive summary. Mother's House Cleaning Service offers extra care and attentive cleaning services for upper class homes/5().

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