Hooke coupling experiment

The total angular acceleration of the disc is the vector sum of and Two particular cases should be noted: If the plane of rotation of the disc is constant in direction, then is zero and the component of acceleration is zero.

Hooke coupling experiment

A Universal coupling is a special type of coupling in which misalignment of shafts is allowed.

Hooke coupling experiment

Shafts are free to move any direction in order to transmit torque or power from one shaft to another. In this project work a Universal coupling was designed, in which safe torque on shafts and pin size of cross determined.

Finally the Universal coupling made by Mild Steel, which is low cost and available in every workshop. The drive elements are normally shafts. We tend to see lot of applications of the couplings mainly in the automobiles, for example the drive shaft which connects the engine and the rear axle in a bus or any automobile is connected by means of a universal joint.

The primary purpose of couplings is to join two pieces of rotating equipment while permitting some degree of misalignment or end movement or both.

By careful selection, installation and maintenance of couplings, substantial savings can be made in reduced maintenance costs and downtime. There are various types of coupling based on area of application and misalignment or degree of freedom to move in any direction.

Such as the universal coupling allows the shafts to move in any directions. The universal joint is not a constant velocity joint. Basic of Universal Joint A universal joint is like a ball and socket joint that constrains an extra degree of rotational freedom.

Given axis 1 on body 1, and axis 2 on body 2 that is perpendicular to axis 1, it keeps them perpendicular. In other words, rotation of the two bodies about the direction perpendicular to the two axes will be equal. In the picture, the two bodies are joined together by a cross.

The cross keeps these axes at 90 degrees, so if you grab body 1 and twist it, body 2 will twist as well. Universal joints show up in cars, where the engine causes a shaft, the drive shaft, to rotate along its own axis.

So if you cut it at the bend location and insert a universal joint, you can use the constraint to force the second shaft to rotate about the same angle as the first shaft.

Types of Universal coupling: The universal couplings are categorized as- i.View Lab Report - result sheet cad lab from MECHANICAL 11 at Open University Malaysia. RESULT SHEET Hookes Coupling Experiment Part 1 For alpha 1, 1 = Input.

Hooke coupling experiment

Anisotropic Elasticity There are many materials which, although well modelled using the linear elastic model, are not nearly isotropic. Examples are wood, composite materials and many biological materials. The mechanical properties of these materials differ in different directions. Mar 08,  · universal coupling double cardan joint double universal joint dana spicer u joints EXPERIMENT: WARNING!

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