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But older Americans forced to purchase their own insurance will save even more. Thanks to the KFF report, the prices that I quote below are not estimates or averages.

Hooters of america financial health and

For each of the fifty states and the District of ColumbiaI selected a corporation or brand that best represented the states. My criteria are subjective, but in each case, I picked a brand that a has ties to that state and b is still in business as of I encountered several challenges while making this map.

Major corporations are not evenly distributed across the country. Others host so many that choosing one was difficult. In these cases, I went with the company that I though best represented the state, rather than the biggest or most notorious.

I used Apple for California instead of Google or Facebook. I also had a problem with some of the smaller states like Vermont and Delaware. These states can be hard to read, so here is a complete list of the companies featured: Arizona Best Western is headquarted in Phoenix.

Arkansas Walmart is based out of Bentonville. California Apple is headquartered in Cupertino, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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Florida Hooters started in Clearwater in Georgia Coca-Cola is based out of Atlanta. The modern company, started inis still based there. Illinois Caterpillar has been based out of Peoria since Iowa Now part of Whirlpool, Maytag was founded in Newton in Kansas Garmin started in Lenexa in Bean was started in Freeport in It is still based there.

Michigan General Motors is based out of Detroit. Mississippi Peavey Electronics is based out of Meridian. Nevada Today part of Amazon. North Carolina Bank of America is currently based out of Charlotte. Oklahoma Sonic is based out of Oklahoma City.

Oregon Nike is headquarted in Beaverton. Rhode Island Hassenfeld Brothers was founded in Providence in Today, Hasbro is based in Pawtucket.CSRwire Members include Corporations, NGOs, Agencies, Universities and Organizations interested in communicating their corporate citizenship, sustainability, philanthropy and socially responsible initiatives to CSRwire’s global audience and participating in our influential member community.

Just in case you were wondering what the public thinks about the recent upheaval over health care reform, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken Wednesday finds some 55% of Americans say President Obama and congressional Democrats should suspend work on the health care bill that was this close to being passed and consider alternatives that would draw more Republican support.

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Hooters of america financial health and

The map that’ll make you . More info here. 9. The map that shows, in real time, how many Americans are not reading American news sites.. More info here. The map that’ll make you proud to be a Smith (or not). Pay growth for women stops at this age Pay growth for college-educated women suddenly stops at around the age of 40, according to new findings from compensation research firm PayScale.

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