Human genome essay

AnthropologyHuman evolutionand Timeline of human evolution The genus Homo evolved and diverged from other hominins in Africa, after the human clade split from the chimpanzee lineage of the hominids great apes branch of the primates. Modern humans, defined as the species Homo sapiens or specifically to the single extant subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens, proceeded to colonize all the continents and larger islands, arriving in Eurasia ,—60, years ago, [19] [20] Australia around 40, years ago, the Americas around 15, years ago, and remote islands such as Hawaii, Easter IslandMadagascarand New Zealand between the years and

Human genome essay

The Human Genome project HGP The Human Genome project HGP The main reason for the successful completion of the Human Genome was that it allowed investments and help from the researchers and collaborators all over the world moving beyond the borders in an effort to understand the heritage of our molecules and also to benefit from the techniques and approaches provided by researchers all over the world.

This was known from the start but as better technologies have come in, the HGP has shown more and more potential. However, from an ethical point of view, many critics even today have cracked down on the project.

The main reason for this been the timeline of the project and the expenses that go with it. This has led to some modifications towards the plan of the project. Since, the original proposal was to sequence the whole human genome, this has been modified to only mapping of the genome instead of sequencing of the genome.

Now, the priority for sequencing the genome has been notably reduced, and the efforts toward it will only be increased if more money comes in for the research. Another argument against the HGP is that the funding of such large scale projects diverts the resources from individuals who may be able to work on this more efficiently.

This graph is showing the funding towards the HGP till Though it was estimated by the US government that the project would cost 3 billion dollars, but due to other investments and the techniques it costed 2. However, in my opinion this argument is not very strong as it has been seen in the past that more coordinated efforts have lead to better results, and in this case the efforts are definitely needed on a large scale because of the task at hand.

The HGP has also been linked with some cloning projects and similar research. This is a negative possibility of this project. I would judge this as negative not because of who is cloning or how it is being done but cloning itself is unethical.

Human clones would lose their individuality and become artifacts. It could end the natural inclinations of human life. Another similar plan of the HGP is to alter the reproduction method of humans, i.

This will interrupt the natural tendencies of life and will not separate us from bacterial reproduction, which is known as asexual. The birth of a child is known as a miracle to humans and if that is taken away from the race, it will leave much less to believe in.

However, it should also be noted that cloning can be controlled through proper legislation and it is not the primary focus of the HGP. Even though, the project has been faced with some debatable criticism, it has some astounding positives which keep the program running.

One such positive is that the HGP is a successful business, which may sound odd when describing a science project but the sheer scale of it allows this description.

The project has had a great business achievement since more than eight hundred billion dollars have been created because of the project and more than four million people have also been put to work. This is definitely a point which is making a huge positive influence.

There were also claims that whose DNA would be used for sequencing as part of the project and how would their identity be protected.You will get $40 trillion just by reading this essay and understanding what it says.

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Human genome essay

JILL NEIMARK Science Journalist; Co-author, Why Good Things Happen To Good People The Human Epigenome Project. There are maps, and then there are maps.

We're embarking on a kind of mapmaking that will usher in new ways of understanding ourselves-a map that can explain why identical twins are not truly identical, so that one succumbs to schizophrenia while the other remains cognitively intact. New analyses of the human genome have established that human evolution has been recent, copious, and regional.

New analyses of the human genome have established that human evolution has been. The Human Genome Project was a year-long, publicly funded project initiated in with the objective of determining the DNA sequence of the entire euchromatic human genome within 15 years.

In May , Robert Sinsheimer organized a workshop to discuss sequencing the human genome, but for a number of reasons the NIH was uninterested in pursuing the proposal.

The Human Genome Project was an international research effort to determine the sequence of the human genome and identify the genes that it contains. Homo sapiens. The latest chapter of human evolution begins with the emergence of Homo anatomy of Homo sapiens is unique among hominin species and appears first in East Africa, dating to roughly thousand years ago (ka).

These unique features—including changes in the skull and postcranial skeleton (skeleton minus skull)—suggest changes in brain size and architecture .

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