Masan presentation slides final 1

In fact, it utterly neglects story and characterization for CGI effects — and the result is tedious.

Masan presentation slides final 1

Microsoft PowerPoint has been around since and is by far the most popular presentation tool on the market but many people still struggle to give effective presentations. Here is our list of tips and techniques to help you deliver a fantastic presentation.

Let us know if you can think of any others we should add!

Masan presentation slides final 1

He was talking about pitching to investors but this is fairly solid advice for any presentation. You might need to over-run the 20 minute rule in some circumstances e.

If that means simplifying your content or recapping previous presentations then so be it. Avoid Too Much Text Using too much text is one of the most common presenting mistakes. This often manifests itself in over-use of bullet point lists, paragraphs of text and tiny font sizes.

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A couple of sentences per slide and no more is the ideal and remember that the audience came to hear you speak not read. Use Images A picture tells a thousand words and good images are far better than tons of text. In the right setting, a bit of humour can cheer the audience up and keep them engaged too there are loads of great Internet meme graphics you can use or adapt.

PowerPoint comes with lots of other template and font choices to improve appearance. Be sure to pick the right sort of chart for your data. Typically you would use a histogram to compare quantities, a pie chart for percentages and a line chart to show change over time.

Audience retention is improved by having sub-topic chunks within your presentation so try to bring slides together in mini-segments.

Ideally you should run through your slides in the same room and on the same device that you will be using on the day. This will avoid local technical issues e. Be sure to turn off your screen saver too!

Then you can work your way up to larger audiences and more tricky topics. Turn this on its head be imagining the front row are all naked and desperately self-conscious!

Watch a TV newscaster and see how the speak slowly with lots of pauses. Speaking too fast is a common trait of nervous speakers but ironically, slowing down will give you more time to relax and give your presentation more gravitas.

Keep To A Schedule Presentations that over-run are hard work for the audience and a nightmare for event organisers. At times like this it can help to go back to your presenation synopsis and use that to get you back on track.

With a small audience, be sure to move eye contact from person to person without fixating on any particular individual. If you have a larger audience, try scanning your attention from left-to-centre-to-right and back again focussing on random individuals each time.

Project Your Voice It might sound obvious but you need to be heard! With an informal audience, you can do your own little sound-check by asking if the people at the back can hear you.PPT 1 Final Exam; Shared Flashcard Set. Details. Title. PPT 1 Final Exam. Description. Test Questions A dialog box can remain open and visible while working on a presentation, but a task pane must be closed before continuing to work.

Definition. When a new slide is added to a presentation, PowerPoint keeps the same layout used on the. Nancy Duarte is the author of HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations, Slide:ology, and Resonate.

Masan presentation slides final 1

She is the CEO of Duarte, Inc., which designs presentations and teaches presentation development. 1 Masan Consumer Corporation GROUP 7 VISKB, Nov Presentation Report FIN Final Project 2. 2 Content Introduction Company Information 3 Body Company’s Success Story 5 Conclusion Major Problems 6 Recommendations 7.

Powerpoint Final. STUDY. PLAY. Which of the following choices describes the best order for creating a successful presentation. plan the outline, create a storyboard, verify the audience and delivery location, determine the type of output, enter text The New Slide button is in the Slides .

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Verdana Arial Wingdings Calibri Times New Roman Palatino Linotype Eclipse 1_Eclipse Capstone Project “the name of your product” “the name of your sponsor” Sample Slides Product Overview The problem it addresses Background - give some information about why your product is .

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