Passenger check in process

The advent of low-cost start up airlines and regularly scheduled charters mandates the need for an efficient cost effective local departure control system strategy.

Passenger check in process

The airline alliance, which counts United as a member, is testing whether using radio frequency identification to identify passengers and their luggage could hasten the check-in process.

The proof-of-concept test was first discussed by the Star Alliance's Technology Innovation Board, which consists of alliance members and technology vendors, explains Aman Khan, the association's VP of information technology.

Passenger check in process

The group agreed to test the use of RFID on baggage as a way to begin a process of eventually tagging airline baggage globally to reduce passenger check-in time, which currently averages three to 10 minutes, down to 30 seconds. At a later phase in the pilot, the group hopes to utilize the tags to track baggage, once it is checked in, to reduce the incidence of lost luggage.

United agreed to test the system at O'Hare—one of its hubs—and the TSA is watching over the project to ensure that this speedier check-in process poses no security risk.

Aman Khan "Our role is one of oversight," says Jon Allen, a TSA spokesperson, "to ensure security is not compromised during the check-in process. United is providing plastic RFID-enabled baggage tags manufactured by Siemens to 1, of its most frequent Chicago flyers who have Premier Executives and 1K status two levels within United's "Mileage Plus" frequent-flyer program.

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The Mileage Plus number is linked to the passenger's information and reservation data in the airline's back-end system.

During the test period—which began on Wednesday, Feb. When the passengers drop off their luggage at the United terminal, the airline's employees will use handheld RFID interrogators to read the RFID tags attached to the bags. The RFID inlay's ID number and Mileage Plus number encoded to each luggage tag are downloaded into the back-end system, and the bags are automatically checked in for the destination airport in the United system.

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During the check-in process, the passenger—who need not present any ID documents or a boarding pass—receives a receipt for the baggage on his or her mobile phone.Please make sure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time to check in, get your boarding pass before check-in closes, and clear security.

Remember, if you’re not at the boarding gate on time, you won’t be able to board your flight and you may lose your fare in full. Airport check-in is the process whereby passengers are accepted by an airline at the airport prior to travel.

During this process, the passenger has the ability to ask for special accommodations such as seating preferences, .

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Passenger Processing Systems The Amadeus EASE™ (Extended Airline System Environment) is a virtualized shared use passenger processing technology solution that enables airlines to deliver a consistent, optimized gate and boarding experience to their customers while delivering complete airline native business process functionality.

Aviation Training Program Table of Contents iii PASSENGER GROUND SERVICES TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction .. .. 1. SITA’s Passenger Processing is an integrated set of components that completely automate all elements of passenger processing at the airport – from the passenger processing platform to self-service, passenger processing, passenger flow monitoring and business intelligence applications.

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From check. The first order of business for any passenger is the check-in process. The check-in process provides you a seat assignment, a boarding pass for your flight and ability to check any baggage as well.

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