The impact of in store music within

A few things to consider when thinking about how lighting can help your store includes: Helps define overall store image 2. Highlights products and helps make them visible 3.

The impact of in store music within

Abundant fashion stores exist in a limited area result in keen competition in Hong Kong.

The Psychology of Music: Why Music Plays a Big Role in What You Buy

Customer preference in fashion industry is seasonal, which changes from time to time. Music is one of the critical ambient factors that highly influence the store atmosphere and arouse the customers.

There are lots of experiments shows that humans emotion and attitude toward an object can be changed due to different kinds of music they had listened, in turn, affects the action and decision-making. The paper is worth to do because it may provide a clearer guideline for retailers to choose a suitable music to help in sales and brand image by investigating how the above factors interact with the customer.

Music can be divided in to server components, which are genre, tempo, rhythm, harassing, pitch, harmony, melody, range, orchestration and volume. It seems that the meanings by non-professional musician and hard to controlled by the staff. Further more, when deciding a playing playbill for suiting a specific brand, consistency of Music-Brand becomes a key element during consideration.

Therefore, studying these 3 factors would be the focus of this paper. This study is to investigate the following issues. To study the effect of music with different tempo and volume on shopping time and money spent in-store 2.

To define the importance of music in fashion store 5. To extend the investigation in Hong Kong by using similar method of other professor with little modification to fit Hong Kong fashion business. Hedonistic pleasure contributes to a higher consumption tendency, as well s affecting the approach and avoidance response.

The result on customers with high cognitive but low affect will be more significant. The involvement of consumer to both advertisement and products might be increased, since the attention is drawn from them.

The impact of in store music within

It suggests that if the music and brand image match, it projects an emotional pleasure, and greater marketing profit followed.

That shows the importance of playing correct music in shop. A complementary environment is provided if these 2 factors are congruent. The Journal also mentions the results achieved by different combinations of music tempo and fragrances. In such cases, it is better to use only one ambient factor — music.

Thus, it proved that retailer should pay more attention on choosing music and considerate it seriously. Long waiting time would dissatisfy the customers, in turn, lower the market advantage.Shop for Christian Music on CD, MP3, and vinyl, with the latest new releases and future favorites, plus bargains, bestsellers and more.

Music plays an important role in the socialization of children and adolescents. Popular music is present almost everywhere, and it is easily available through the radio, various recordings, the Internet, and new technologies, allowing adolescents to hear it in diverse settings and situations, alone or shared with friends.

Parents often are unaware of the . You probably feel that the right music can have a positive impact on purchasing decisions, customer moods, store ambiance, brand image and employee well-being.

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The Psychology of Music: Why Music Plays a Big Role in What You Buy In , Milliman et al. conducted a study in a New York City grocery store investigating the effect of music tempo on shoppers’ buying behaviors.

The experimental design was simple but the results were insightful: playing slow music led to A) significantly more time. As a fan of Sevendust and Dark New Day, I came across Eye Empire and what a good find they are.

The impact of in store music within

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