The right to own guns as one of the many rights and freedom of the american citizens

Submit A few logical solutions: Ok, so the most commonly used argument for Con-Gun-Control is that criminals will take advantage of it. First off, where the hell do you think they get all those guns?

The right to own guns as one of the many rights and freedom of the american citizens

By Lawrence Davidson For much of human history, the idea of freedom had little meaning. Religious belief in these same times reflected this depressing fact by asserting that there was no hope of meaningful freedom in this life.

To achieve it you would have to die and go to Heaven. So, what set you free was death. Flickr Lorie Shaull Image cropped. It was at that point that different types of freedoms started to become viable goals.

The right to own guns as one of the many rights and freedom of the american citizens

However, as the use of the plural implies, the idea of freedom manifested itself in discrete categories: It really had to be this way. Total freedom produces anarchy and — here is the irony — anarchy will quickly make any particular freedom meaningless.

Thus it was that over time, as constitutions came into vogue, freedoms were written down, usually in the form of rights. Yet, not surprisingly, their translation into practice often ended up reflecting the needs and desires of the powerful and influential. This was the case whether we are considering democracies or more authoritarian forms of government.

This customizing of freedoms by select groups inevitably led to less than satisfactory, and sometimes quite perverse, results. We are not just talking about guns used to shoot at targets or for hunting game.

Need a gun? False arguement

One can actually make an argument for ownership of the latter weapons along the same line as bows and arrows, slingshots and fishing rods.

His stand is that citizens have a fundamental right to own almost any firearm, including military-style assault weapons.

The right to own guns as one of the many rights and freedom of the american citizens

His position is that this right is the sine qua non of American freedom. And only by exercising it can you really ensure individual freedom. LaPierre insists that gun ownership is enshrined in the Second Amendment of the U.

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LaPierre and his buddies would have to join the National Guard in order to play with guns. So here is a case where a definition of a freedom or a right has been customized to meet the demands of a politically powerful subgroup of society, and it has had predictably disastrous results.

The largely open-ended access of U. It is estimated that between andthere was a mass shooting defined as the killing or wounding of 4 or more people in the United States every 64 days.

This rate has not slowed down in the last four years. As the world now knows, the latest of these massacres came on 14 Februarywhen 17 high school students were shot dead in Parkland, Florida.

Twenty-four hours later he was back on track with the NRA. Perhaps his flip-flopping was a tactical maneuver.Should the Government Allow Citizens a Right to own Guns?

I think the readers should take a course in the Bill of Rights. The 2nd Amendment states that this Right Shall not be Infringed. Why doesn't the Chinese government give civilians the right to own guns?

Update Cancel. like to think that humans have rights, and one of those rights is to be human.


k Views · View Upvoters. Feifei Wang, I spend about the same amount of my life in China and in the Chinese government does not allow its citizens to own guns to. If American citizens did not own firearms, the United States would not have been born in even more than a civil right; it is one of the .

Sep 13,  · All rights, including this one, have limits. Sections ; you don’t have an absolute right to own guns. All rights, including this one, have limits. abridging the freedom of speech"). In. Many modern state constitutions embrace a limited right of individual gun ownership, and millions of Americans deem guns a fundamental right, though not an absolute one.

The fact that there are almost as many firearms as citizens in this country similarly suggests that, . Right to Bear Arms The American Constitution was a book of laws that gave a brief explanation of the American Dream.

In the Constitution, there were ten laws that were considered the “Civil Rights,” and one of these laws laid commonly questioned and tested.

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